Why Should My Company Lease a Copier?

Posted on February 4th, 2020 by codeauthority

Once you realize your business needs a machine to handle your printing, copying, faxing, and scanning needs, you have an important decision to make: should I purchase or lease?

The age-old question – does it make sense for me to lease a copier? By popular demand, leasing is the way most businesses prefer to acquire office equipment.

From budgetary reasons to technology incentives, we help our customers understand the benefits of leasing an office machine. If you’re a business decision maker considering professional office technologies for organizational advancement, Advanced Copier Technology (ACT) can help your business achieve its goals through our copier leasing programs.

Benefits of Leasing an Office Copier

Why own a product that depreciates when you could lease instead.  Then use your money to purchase something that increases in value. Reap the following benefits of leasing a digital copier as a small office, business owner, or large corporation.

  1. Conserve Capital
    Leasing a printer enables a company to sustain its capital for business growth without forgoing the cost of acquisition for needed equipment. Rather than paying the entire cost of the machine upfront, you can allocate your capital to enhancing other areas of your business
  2. Reduce Lines of Credit
    When you use your line of credit for the acquisition of equipment, you diminish funds that could be spent on other business transactions and enhancements. With a machine lease, you can avoid the lump sum payment and keep your credit line intact.
  3. Use the Equipment Without Assuming Ownership Hassles
    When you own equipment, you become responsible for the upgrades.   This can be challenging for your organization as old technology becomes dated and not able to help you as efficiently as it once did, or if features on the old machine are not capable of getting office tasks done smoothly. Leasing is the practical way to bring productivity to your office and when properly maintained with a Maintenance Agreement from ACT, your machine’s performance will always be optimized.
  4. Avoid Technological Obsolescence
    A company that chooses to lease copiers can enjoy the use of equipment without assuming the risks of functional or technical features becoming obsolete. Our upgrade programs raise the standard of organizational execution, so you can replace your machine with a newer model once your lease ends. Leasing takes the obsolescence out of the equation by keeping your equipment needs up to date.
  5. Pay a Fixed Rate for Printer Leasing
    Monthly payments are fixed for the entire term of the lease. This helps you manage cash flow and enables you to plan ahead no matter what happens to market rates.
  6. Flexibility
    Avoid the pile of paperwork and bank financing process by electing to lease your office equipment. Our flexible printer leasing plans are quick, easy, and will allow you to install and use your machine faster than purchasing, especially if you are using outside financing. ACT offers customizable arrangements to meet your budgetary requirements.
  7. Fixed Rate Financing
    Your lease payment won’t fluctuate with a fixed rate lease. With a lease from ACT, you will be able to accurately budget the equipment and make affordable monthly payments.

Meet Your Office Equipment Needs

If you’re in need of office equipment or office supplies to improve your business, we can help! Your business is one-of-a-kind, which is why we offer a variety of Canon imageRunner products with leasing terms and flexible plans to meet your office equipment needs. Digital color copiers, all in one MFP, black and white printers, Canon DR Scanners, and Canon imagePROGRAF printers are all available for lease. Whether you need something short term or for the long haul, we can create a flexible solution that benefits your business.

Keep Your Office Running Smoothly

First, start by placing the right equipment to handle the job correctly.  Placing too small of equipment would save you some money on your machine lease but it will cost you in the long run, as it will not adequately handle the workload and you will have unproductive downtime that will also cost you.  ACT understands the needs of all types of business, so let us guide you in this process to match your office needs with the right equipment lease.  Next, you will want to have a Maintenance Agreement from ACT to keep your machines performance always optimized.  ACT will get the right maintenance coverage to match your office needs.  We also cover the supplies so you don’t have to spend a fortune purchasing everything your machine needs to operate. You will have peace of mind knowing ACT has your machine lease and maintenance covered so you can spend time where it counts: running your organization.

We’ve served countless satisfied customers from all over the Dallas Metroplex since 1987. As an authorized Canon dealer, we provide our customers a vast line of commercial copy machines and products including document management and software solutions to enhance businesses like yours. We have flexible plans to meet your every need, so CLICK HERE to visit our contact page or call us today at (972) 231-3200 to get in touch with our professionals and learn how our business products can enhance your organization.

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