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Posted on June 29th, 2015 by vaproIf you regularly require printing documents or in formats larger than your standard size paper, these Canon Large Format Printers are for you. We carry these printers in sizes that can fit on a desk or stand on their own. Canon Large Format Printers offer a lot of customization to how you want your documents to look. With these printers you can produce vivid colors and professional design all on your own.

Canon iPF670 / iPF770

The 5-Color ink set found in the imagePROGRAF iPF770 and iPF670 large-format printers is ideal for technical applications, posters, and office signage. This ink technology uses four highly colorfast dye inks for producing bold, expressive color, plus two channels of pigment matte black ink for printing precise lines, smooth curves, and small text on technical and office documents. Included is a reformulated magenta ink, that helps produce a wider color gamut in the red and orange spectrums, compared to previous models. A number of important built-in features help minimize ink consumption, media waste, and maintenance costs to help reduce total cost of operation. These features include Economy Print Mode for low cost per print, auto-rotation, and nesting to minimize media waste.

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Canon iPF670E

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF670E is an economical, enter-level, 24-inch large-format printer. This printer is designed for customers who need to simply and easily satisfy a broad range of printing needs – CAD/GIS documents, posters and POP displays and office documents – but without the added features of the premium models. Available with or without a stand, the compact iPF670E printer can sit right on your desk or in the corner of your office, allowing you to do your own prints on demand.

The iPF670E uses a 5-Color Dye/Pigment Reactive Ink Set which includes black ink for glossy papers and Matte Black ink for crisp lines on plain paper. The sub-Ink Tank System works to remove all the ink in the tank before having to replace it, helping to eliminate any waste. The empty take can be replaced on the fly, without stopping the printer. Also included is an Accounting Manager that keeps track of all printing costs. The Optimized Module used for AutoCAD to help enable optimal printing productivity and reliability with a variety of compatible AutoCAD software products.

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Canon imagePROGRAF TM– 200, TM-305/300, TM-305/300 MFP T36

Print technical documents, blueprints, posters and infographics. Your applications can change – your printer doesn’t have to. Canon has redefined the capabilities of a large-format printer with the introduction of the imagePROGRAF TM-Series – all in an office-friendly printer that’s up to 60% quieter than previous imagePROGRAF printers. The imagePROGRAF TM Series printers utilize the 5-color LUCIA TD Pigment ink systems for water-resistant prints. It is faster printing of multipage files and sets than previous models.

With the abundance of software included, the imagePROGRAF TM Series is equipped with everything needed to print posters, banners, signage, infographics, designs, technical documents, maps and more. Unified TM Printer Driver enables users to print from multiple TM and TX Series devices. Scanning features add the ability to duplicate documents and archive old originals as well as save and share your changes quickly by emailing or saving to a common site. The face-up front-loading scanning with rear exit has scanning speeds of up to 13 inches per second (monochrome) and up to 6 inches per second (color).

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Canon imagePROGRAF TM– 300 MFP L36ei, TM-200 MFP L24ei, iPF770 MFP L36ei, iPF670 MFP L24ei

Introducing the new enter-level Multifunction Printers. Affordable and easy-to-use, scan-to-copy/file/cloud Multifunction Printer (MFP) solutions. Designed for the low-volume and enter-level user, these MFP solutions offer user-friendly, scan-to-copy/file/cloud solutions for architects, engineers, consulting firms, small offices and K-12 schools that require a minimal learning curve when it comes to new equipment.

These scanners, utilizing Single Sensor Technology, have intuitive touch screen with easy-to-identify picture identification functions that allow users to operate the scanner with a simple push of a button. This technology helps provide consistent and better color accuracy with more detail in the shadows and highlights than a staggered CIS array scanner. There is no PC required to provide fast first-copy-out time. The scanner is easily integrated with the printer. With today’s office space being important the Compact MFP takes up minimal office space.

TM-300 36” & TM-20 24” pigment ink models

iPF770 36” & iPF670 24” dye/pigment ink models

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Canon 36” imagePROGRAF TX– 3000, 44” imagePROGRAF TX-4000

Canon delivers the imagePROGRAF TX Series of Large-format Printers – the new solutions to help you capitalize on emerging market trends and help lead your organization on the path to success. All the core technologies of the imagePROGRAF TX Series printers are new, including the ink system, the print head and the mechanical platform. These printers satisfy the needs of the high-volume CAD and low-volume plotter users with print quality, usability, security and print speeds up to 147 D-sized prints per hour.

The imagePROGRAF TX series printers have an all-new, 5-color LUCIA TD Pigment ink systems. This ink produces fine lines and sharp text, even on non-inkjet coated paper. This ink provides a balance between bleed resistance, black density, and water resistance not found in dye ink. Choose from 160 ml, 330 ml or 700 ml tanks.

The new TX Stacker can stack up to 100 sheets of ARCH C, ARCH D or ARCH D page sizes for increased productivity. When not needed the TX Stacker can be folded for a smaller printer footprint.

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Canon imagePROGRAF TX-3000 MFP T36, imagePROGRAF TX-4000 MFP T36

Scan-to-Copy/File/Share, the imagePROGRAF TX—3000 MFP T36 & imagePROGRAF TX-4000 MFP T36 models are integrated, multifunction, large-format solutions that include a T36 scanner, all-in-one touch screen computer, TX Stacker and SmartWorks software.

The Canon imagePROGRAF TX MFP T36 systems are multicomponent, multifunction solutions for architects, engineers, construction, GIS and other professionals who need to scan, edit, save, share and print large-format documents easily and efficiently.

T36 scanner incorporates a SingleSensor Technology Assembly, which helps provide consistent and better color accuracy with more detail in the shadows and highlights than a CIS array scanner. Scanning speed of up to 13 inches per second (monochrome) and 6 inches per second (color). Scan a document up to 2.0 mm thick, face up/front load/rear exit, straight paper path. Scanner attached to the top of the printer. Monitor stand attached directly to the printer stand.

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Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 / 4000 / 2000

Introducing the Canon imagePROGRAF 60” PRO-6000, 44” PRO-4000 and 24” PRO-2000 professional large-format printers. These models offer an 11-Color plus Chroma Optimizer ink system that does it all. The best printers Canon has ever engineered, distinguished by a bold red line.

At the heart of imagePROGRAF PRO Series is a 1.28”-wide print head. Expanding the printing area with each movement of the print head, print speeds are drastically improved. This increases your productivity through efficient, high-speed printing. The large 3.5” color LCD touch panel makes it easy to view detailed printer information as well as perform printing operations. PDF and JPEG files can be printed directly on the imagePROGRAF PRO-6000/4000/2000 from a USB thumb drive. Simply input the thumb drive into the USB port on the printer, preview the image on the operation panel and print!

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Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000S / 4000S

Introducing the Canon imagePROGRAF 60” PRO-6000S, 44” PRO-4000S large-format printers. With an 8-Color LUCIA PRO ink system built for advanced printing solutions, these printers are ideal for bringing production signage, commercial photography and proofing businesses to the next level.

Canon thought of every detail when it came to building the ultimate large-format production printer – no-touch media loading, torque control on the Take-up unit, a Sub-Ink Tank System and a compact size reaching a whole new level of performance with the new high-speed L-COA PRO processor for big jobs needing fast processing. This high-precision control engine performs the high-speed processing of massive amounts of image data, generates the printing data and controls the optimal ink layout for achieving faster print speeds. Canon has developed hardware and software innovations that offer unique flexibility in any production environment. Wi-Fi connectivity is now standard with the imagePROGRAF PRO series. The Device Management Control software is ideal for fleet management and lets you perform color calibrations remotely. You can monitor the printer status of up to 50 units from any location in the world while being notified via e-mail when an error has occurred or check the amount of ink left in the printers – without ever having to leave the comfort of your desk.

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