Adamero Document Management Software

Adamero’s Document Management Software is an all-in-one browser based document management solution that allows for quick search &retrieval, precise version control, easy document distribution,manageable levels of security, and form processing.

Search & Retrieval

You can find content by searching for any word contained in the document even if the original was in paper form. Best of all, you can access your information from any computer on the network with a standard Web browser.

Version Control

Complete revision history Revisions are divided into groups of major and minor versions.

Approval Processing

These electronic processes let you easily:

  • Manage the stages of a document’s life cycle by automatically moving them along workflow paths that you define
  • Deadlines and priorities special stages for peer review and ad-hoc selection of users as documents move from one stage to another. Enable automated e-mail notifications for both new arrivals and deadlines to alert complete event
  • History for auditing purposes


Distribute content automatically when:

Configured workflow events are triggered, such as a document approval or change to content.
Allows for a secure way to temporarily share information with others


Access levels can be defined for each document type in the system.

Finally, an embedded system-event viewer lets administrators audit the actions taken by any user, including connections, searches, views, and edits.

Forms Processing

PDF forms can contain selection lists, field requirements, and embedded calculations to decrease the amount of time it takes to generate new information in your office. Every change is tracked because a new document version is generated each time an existing form is updated.


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